President University Student Council (PUSC) is the student legislative body at university level of President University. As mediator between the Management of President University, the students, and student organizations, PUSC has the function to conduct research and deliver the students’ aspirations regarding President University to the Management of President University, and, as the legislative body, it also functions to establish legislation for student organizations and supervise and ensure adherence to legislation from the student executive body at university level, which is President University Student Union (PUSU).

In the structure of student organizations, PUSC lies directly under Student Affairs Department which is respectively under Vice Rector III, Vice Rector for student and alumni affairs. PUSC consists of Board of Directors, Members of Commissions, and Members of Internal Bureau.


  • August 28, 2008
  • President University Student Union (PUSU) was established as the student executive organization which is concerned in non-academic activities.

  • November 1, 2008
  • President University Student Council (PUSC) was established as the student legislative organization.

  • 2010
  • President University Major Association (PUMA), which concerns on academic activities at study program level, was established. PUMA was under coordination of PUSC and Vice Rector III.

  • 2013
  • The position of PUMA changed, from coordination under PUSC and Vice Rector III into coordination under Vice Rector I. The relationship between PUSC and PUMA changed from command line into coordination line.

  • 2014
  • Commission IV (events and activities) of PUSC, which concerns on supervision and evaluation of PUSU’s events and activities, was established.

  • 2017
  • Commissions in PUSC were restructured in terms of functions, duties and scope. Commissions I – IV, which previously handled academic matters, campus facilities, dormitory life, events and activities respectively, were restructured to handle research, aspiration and mediation, legislation, and supervision respectively. Public Relations and Multimedia Division was changed into Internal Bureau.


    Become the reliable mediator for students, student organizations, and management of President University to create progressive change for President University.


    1. Strengthen the internal relations through synergy and deliberation.
    2. Collaborate with the Management of President University to create conducive environment for student activities.
    3. Bring continuous improvements through aspiration for students’ welfare.
    4. Foster mutual growth and complementary relations with student organizations.
    5. Enhance quality of student events and activities through accountability, trust and constructive criticism.
    6. Keep peace, maintain justice and promote sustainability through law and order.



    Research function is to conduct research regarding student prosperity and present it to the management of President University.


    Aspiration function is to collect, process and deliver the student's aspiration regarding student prosperity at the university level.


    Mediation function is to become mediator between the students, student organizations, and the management of President University.


    Legislation function is to establish laws and regulations for the students organizations.


    Supervision function is to supervise and evaluate the performance of the student executive body at university level of President University.