General Information

President University Student Council is the student legislative body at university level of President University. PUSC is under coordination of Student Affairs Department, which is under Vice Rector III (Vice Rector for Student and Alumni Affairs).

PUSC consists of Board of Directors, Members of Commissions, and Members of Internal Bureau.


Become the reliable mediator for students, student organizations, and management of President Univeristy to create progressive change for President University.


1. Strengthen the internal relations through synergy and deliberation.

2. Collaborate with the Management of President University to create conducive environment for student activities.

3. Bring continuous improvements through aspiration for students' welfare.

4. Foster mutual growth and complementary relations with student organizations.

5. Enhance the quality of student events and activities through accountability, trust, and constructive criticism.

6. Keep peace, maintain justice and promote sustainability through law and order.

Former Chairpersons

1. Period of 2010: Lukas Adi Prakoso

2. Period of 2011: Immanuel Edo Adita Satria (CIT 2009)

3. Period of 2012: Haryanto (CIT 2010)

4. Period of 2013: Ayu Yunia Harsari (IRE 2011)

5. Period of 2014: Grace Debora Christina (IRE 2012)

6. Period of 2015: James Tedy (IEN 2013)

7. Period of 2016: Paulina (MGT 2014)

8. Period of 2017: Bryan Johanes Rengkung (CIT 2015)

9. Period of 2018: Putu Andika Wira Bangsawan (MGT 2016)