PUSC-PUSU Training 2020

Posted February 22, 2020

PUSC-PUSU Training 2020

Hallo Presunivers! ⁣

As the new members of PUSC 2020, all of the members will face a long journey in this working period. There will be a lot of obstacles and circumstances in front of us. Not only that, as the legislative body at President University, but we will also face a different type of human being that will cooperate and working hand-in-hand with us. So, to make sure that we will be brave to face the challenges at the Organization level and also to know each other especially between PUSC and PUSU, we collaborate and make "PUSC-PUSU Training 2020".⁣

This event was held 2 Months ago at Charles Himawan Auditorium President University. This event is not only attended by PUSC and PUSU members but also with the supervisor of PUSC and PUSU and some lecturer. ⁣

In PUSC-PUSU Training 2020, we can meet and get to know each other. We can learn about leadership skills, a sense of responsibility, and a sense of belongings. ⁣

This event told us a lot of sense at the organization level and how to be better to handle it. ⁣Hopefully, this event can make us better than before and we can always remember about the matter that we have already learn before.⁣

Best regards,⁣
PUSC 2020